How Sophistaratchet are you?

Take this quiz to find out how sophistaratchet you really are? You’ll also find out if Hip Hop Yoga or Slow Flow Thursdays is better for you!

  1. You hear the following lyrics on the radio, “All I want for my birthday is a…” How do you respond?

    a. “BIG BOOTY HO!”

    b. Is to be left alone

  2. You and your girls are going out to the hottest club in town for the night. You walk into the club and…

    a. Walk straight to the VIP table that you called ahead of time and reserved

    b. Look around for somewhere to sit because your feet already hurt

  3. You’re at this same club and go over to the bar to order a drink. What do you order?

    a. Topshelf only, bish!

    b. Vodka and cranberry

  4. Juvenille’s Back That Azz up comes on. What do you do?

    a. Make it clap so hard on your best friend that people think you might be a stripper

    b. You are the best friend from option “a”

  5. Which do you prefer?

    a. Brunch at a farm to table restaurant with bottomless mimosas

    b. I’m cool with IHOP

If you answered mostly A…

You’re obviously VERY sophistaratchet. You like nice things but you will cuss somebody out for not having your stuff right. You’re highly educated (low key you’re a nerd) and your favorite rappers are Biggie, 2Chainz, Jeezy, Jay Z and J. Cole—just to name a few—but you also like Lauryn Hill and E. Badu. You’re an advocate for women’s rights and animal rights and you prefer organic and all natural products. When you’re at work, you dress classy and chic, but when you go out at night, you put on your freakum’ dress and highest heels. You can make that ass clap, twerk like a stripper and the best part is—your coworkers (and yo’ mama) have no idea you act this way! YAAAAAAASSSSS!!! You need to come to a 2B Yoga Hip Hop Yoga class!

If you answered mostly B…

You might be a little sophisticated at times, but you’re not really ratchet. And you’re okay with being just the way you are! You might be a homebody and you want the invite, but will most likely decline unless of course your best friend drags you out of the house and dresses you herself. Partying and crowds is just not really your thing. You like rap music, but also enjoy a little R&B, maybe a little jazz at times. You’re more into rappers like Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, but you also love Beyonce (I mean who doesn’t love Queen Bey). You would do better at a Thursday night Slow Flow.