Private & Small Group Yoga

Private Yoga Lessons

1:1 Private Yoga Lessons

Embarrassed to go to a yoga class because you can’t touch your toes let alone do downward facing dog?

Stressed out and know you need yoga, but just don’t have the time to get to class?

You know yoga is supposed to be calming and help with stress and anxiety, but honestly yoga is stressful to you and you don’t even know if you’re doing it right, and whyyyyy does it hurt?

If you just said girl YES, that’s me!!! You’re not alone and you need my help.

I get questions every day asking me what stretches to do for lower back pain, how can I get better at (fill in the blank), why do my wrists hurt in downward facing dog, etc., etc. and working 1:1 is one of my favorite ways to help people.

And honestly, some people will come to my group classes and figure things out on their own, but some people need a little extra to attention—and that’s okay!! Think of it like having a private tutor. Private tutors give you that extra advantage to help you LEVEL UP (in my Ciara voice!)

Private and small group yoga lessons give you personalized instruction based on your specific needs and schedule. Gain confidence to practice in group yoga classes, deepen your meditation practice, and explore yoga postures.

The coolest part is that private yoga can be done in person or ONLINE! Say what?? How? As long as you have a device and WiFi, we can have a private yoga session anywhere. You don’t even have to live near me.

If you’re like YES, SIS! This is my year to get bendy, find some inner peace, and carve out some time for ME, then I encourage you to apply for a 1:1 private yoga lesson with me. If it’s a good fit, I’ll have you touching your toes and bussin’ down in no time.

Contact me TODAY to schedule your FREE Introductory Session

What will I need?


I recommend you have the following:

  • Yoga mat

  • Blocks

  • 1-2 blankets

  • Yoga Strap

  • WiFi and a device (for online clients)

How does it work?

First schedule a time for us to talk (use the online form) and we’ll decide if this is right for you and which option best suits your personal needs.

Next, we schedule our first 40 minute introductory session (either online or in person) and we can discuss in more detail your yoga level and needs.

Finally, we’ll come up with a plan customized to your schedule and needs.

If you're not twerking in downdog to Lizzo, you're doing it wrong! Just saying...
But don't take it from me. Just ask one of these dope ladies that made it to Lizzo flow tonight. They were all 100% THAT BITCH 💯

Have an idea for a private group yoga class?

Kids/Teen/Adults Birthday Parties, Corporate Classes, Bachelorette Parties, Couples Yoga (perfect for date nights!), the list goes on!

Small group yoga is great for a birthday (kids, teens, and adults), bachelorette party, or girls night! Host a unique and memorable event that people won’t forget. Prices vary for individuals or groups and depend on distance required to travel. Please contact me with what you’re looking for, and we can come up with fun and creative ideas to create a unique 2B Yoga experience for your group!