Should you take group yoga or private lessons?

Group Yoga is yoga where you take a class with one teacher and several students usually at a yoga studio or YMCA or outside if you're lucky!

So is it for you?

1.Do you like to socialize?--group yoga is a great place to meet new people and make like minded friends. I mean, you already have one thing in common--YOGA!

2. Accountability and consistency--group classes help you stay consistent because of the social aspect. Once you start to enjoy going to class, you won't want to miss out or skip hanging out with friends. And your new friends will hopefully keep you accountable

Private Yoga is one to one individualized yoga instruction. It's like having a personal trainer or private tutor.

Is this something you need?

1. Customized to your specific goals--everyone comes to yoga for a different reason. What's yours? Whatever it is, share it with your yoga teacher and he or she will prepare a class around your needs,

2. Saves you embarrassment--new yogis often feel embarrassed and self conscious during yoga because you don't know as much as the head standing expert in the front row. Private yoga helps you learn the fundamentals of yoga and you can go at your own pace without feeling judged.

So which one is the best option or YOU?
There's no right or wrong answer. It comes down to what works best for you, your personality, your time, and your pocketbook.

I recommend that beginners start with a couple of private lessons first (these can be done in person or online), and then move on to group classes.