Why Should You Do Yoga?

Did you know that 36.7 million people in America are practicing yoga? So clearly, a lot of people are into yoga. BUT WHY THO???

1.Stress Relief--people are stressed out!! Sis---YOU'RE STRESSED OUT TOO! In yoga, we slow down and focus on the breath. The simple act of focusing on the breath lowers your heart rate, lowers your cortisol levels, stabilizes your nervous system, and reduces your stress. It's magical AF.

2. It helps manage a number of health issues--diabetes, lower back pain, addiction, heart health, mental health...and the list goes on.

3.Increased Flexibility--you don't avoid yoga because you aren't flexible, you do yoga to get more flexible!

4.Better SEX--let's keep it real, who doesn't want to have better sex??? Yoga not only helps reduce stress levels so that you're more likely to want to have sex, but it also makes you more flexible for better sex.

5.Clarity and Focus--Yoga is good for your brain. Meditation is the part of yoga and it helps you unplug from your thoughts and focus on your breath. This increases clarity and focus.

7.Better Sleep--yoga calms and relaxes the body leading itself to better and deeper sleep.

Here is a quick yoga flow for beginners. Make sure you MODIFY IF YOU NEED TO!!! It's less than 10 minutes--NO EXCUSES! Go experience some of the awesome benefits of yoga right away!